Family Survival Plans [printed book]

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This is the exact blueprint you need to ensure your family has enough food, water and supplies to last through virtually any type of crisis…

...Including natural disasters, economic collapses, pandemics, blackouts, terrorist attacks or virtually anything else you can imagine. 

It contains security plans for defending your home, your property and, most importantly, your family.

This is hands down the greatest collection of survival guides and plans that you'll find anywhere.

It's been reviewed by multiple experts and insiders to make sure nothing is left to chance.

As a matter-a-fact, it is loaded with life-saving information that is often missing from high end survival training seminars put on by so-called gurus.

This should be the ONLY survival guide you will EVER need.

To make it as easy-as-possible to consume, it has been broken down into 7 easy-to-follow modules.

Module One is the Food Survival Guide and it covers everything you need to know about hoarding survival food stockpiles and procuring food for long term survival.
Module Two is the Water Survival Guide. Here you'll learn everything you need to know about finding, storing and purifying water for your family.
Module Three is the Defense Survival Guide. This important section will teach you how to prepare your home to be your fortress…and how your family can properly defend themselves from gangs and thieves.
Module Four is the Short Term Survival Guide. This module teaches you how to ensure your family survives a life-threatening short-term disaster.
Module Five is Medical Survival Plans. In this section, you'll learn how to handle routine medical emergencies and how to stock your medical kit.
Module Six is about On-the-Go Survival. This section goes over the important decision of whether to "dig in" or "bug out" during a crisis.
Module Seven is the Disaster Commerce Survival Guide. Here you'll learn the best bartering items after crisis and the skills that can make you rich after society crumbles.