The Patriot Survival Saw

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The United States military has been using these life-saving survival tools for over 30 years! Originally developed for Air Force pilots in their survival kits, the military eventually saw a use for soldiers of all kind. 

Our pocket-sized Patriot Survival Saw is perfect for cutting wood in the wilderness for survival or for just pruning tree branches in your backyard. If you're ever caught out in the woods and need to build a fire or a structure to stay under it could be a real lifesaver! 

These little saws are actually so powerful that you can cut through wood, plastic, bone, rubber and even soft metal. They are perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and for your disaster survival bags!

If you're a hunter, a fisherman, a hiker or you're anyone else concerned about disaster survival then you absolutely will want this tool in your bag or kit!

And don't worry... you don't have to be a lumberjack to use the Patriot Survival Saw! It is so easy-to-use that practically anyone can use it.