Foraging Secrets Book

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This comprehensive book provides details and photos of the most common EDIBLE plants and trees that our ancestors used for sustenance and medicine.  

Here’s just a few of the amazing things you’ll learn in this potentially LIFE-SAVING foraging guide 

  • How to correctly identify, harvest and prepare over 80 of the best edible plants and trees that our ancestors used for meals and for medicinal needs.  
  • Learn the toxic and potentially deadly plants and trees that you must absolutely AVOID while you’re out harvesting! 
  • Discover these “weird” plants our forefathers used to treat pain and inflammation when they didn’t have access to prescription pain meds like Morphine or Vicodin. You’ll be shocked how easy these are to find in the wild!  
  • Suffer from digestive issues or indigestion? Try this gorgeous wild flower that is a time tested treatment for all sorts of stomach issues.  
  • Learn about a remarkable berry that you can pick and eat that is not only delicious but is also proven to be an incredible IMMUNE BOOSTER and has been shown to improve heart health and lower cholesterol 
  • Know which insects are safe to eat in an emergency and which ones you must absolutely avoid! 
  • Plus get instant access to our massive online curated Foraging Secrets Video Library where you can watch and learn how to find the best plants and trees for food and medicine. 
  • Plus much, much more!