Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' Silver Coin - Subscriber Exclusive

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Celebrate the Man Who Vowed to
'Make America GREAT Again!'

Are you a proud supporter of President Trump? If so, you'll LOVE this commemorative red, white and blue Trump Presidential Coin. 

This unique keepsake is a great way to honor the Presidency of the man devoted to "Make America Great Again!"

Here are 5 Great Reasons to Grab Your Trump MAGA Coin Today!

    1. Great Looking: You'll Love this Silver-Plated, Half-Dollar Sized Coin
    2. Fine Detail: Coin is made of Iron with Silver Plating with Iconic Photo of President Trump
    3. Specifics: Coin is 40mm in diameter (about 1.57 inches) and 3mm thick.
    4. Makes a Great Gift! Your Friends & Family will Love Receiving this Coin as a Gift
    5. A Terrific Keepsake - This is a great item to pass on to kids and grand kids!